Zone Launcher Android Application can be an ally in the task, especially if you want to use your phone with only one hand. Hidden on the side, you can deploy your apps, games or functions with a gesture.

Adding applications to the mobile can be counterproductive if they do not contribute anything and fill the phone space, but there are always examples that Simplify use while adding more useful options to Android. This is the case of Zone Launcher Android Application, an app launcher that, despite the man, is not a ‘launcher’ as we understand it since it does not modify the interface you have on your Android. And that’s the good thing: you can customize Zone Launcher Android Application to your liking so that moving between apps is a matter of a simple gesture.

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The application we are talking about follows the mechanics of the launchers located on the side of the phone, those that unfold when you swipe from the outside to the inside of the screen. Although, instead of showing a menu, Zone Launcher Android Application deploys a true application launcher, all without taking your finger off the screen. Slide, open the launcher and choose the app, all with one hand and in less than a second.

Zone Launcher Android Application is widely customizable so you can not only choose favorite apps and games, but You can also categorize them by desks or ‘Zones’. In this way, you can make yourself an area with your essential apps, another with work, your favorite games and thus: the spaces created are also accessible by sliding your finger; in such a way that, with a little imagination, you will have all your mobile within reach of a gesture.
You can order the applications to your liking, launch app functions, Zone Launcher Android Application allows you to adjust the launch areas and their width, you can choose the colors of the window, dark or light mode and even the app allows you to apply an icon pack to all your chosen apps.


  • Small memory usage.
  • Fast and fluid launcher that can work as a sidebar, apps drawer or an edge launcher.
  • Customizable trigger areas.
  • Arrange shortcuts into easy to reach Zones (Categories).
  • Customize every single aspect of the app from colors, backgrounds & icons.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Add apps, shortcuts or action buttons.

A user can open the app of their choice with one gesture using ZONE Launcher. The app’s icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen and is represented by a circle. When an icon is pressed, it opens up to show a list of all the apps that can be opened with just one press.

ZONE Launcher makes it easy to find what you want by displaying only the most important apps on your phone. It removes the clutter from your home screen and instead provides quick access to everything you need.

Zone Launcher Android Application works perfectly without paying a penny, it has no ads, it is highly functional and you only need to give it the permission to overlay on other applications (also accessibility if you want to add access to some functions). Of course, it is somewhat complicated to use if you have the navigation gestures activated on your Android since you must learn to do the launch slide diagonally (requires some practice). We recommend it if you want to access your apps faster, even with one hand.

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Zone Launcher Android Application is an app that is used to quickly switch between different apps. It uses a swipe gesture, making it very easy and intuitive to use.

There are many other ways of navigating through apps these days. From 3D touch on the iPhone, to shortcuts and gestures on Android devices, there are plenty of options for switching between various apps. However, Zone Launcher Android Application seems to be one of the easiest ways to do this without having to go into settings or menus first.

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