Speech Blubs educational android application is a Speech Therapy educational android application , created in cooperation with Speech and Language Pathologists, that uses voice controlled and video technology to develop speech articulation for young children with or without speech difficulties. The educational android application has thousands of activities that aid over the practice of speech sounds in a fun and engaging way.

Are you looking for speech therapy activities or educational android application for your kids? Recently, I came across the educational android application Speech Blubs educational android application which is focused on improving a child’s speech, especially for late talkers. I tried this educational android application with my daughter and I was surprised how fast she learned new words.

To encourage kids to learn new words they can collect stickers for their book as they go through the different exercises. Now, we all know ALL kids love stickers, so this definitely works!

There is a face filter function where once your child learns a word, they can switch on the camera and mimic the animal using its funky filters. For instance, kids get a “lion” face filter when they say the word lion , so they look like lions. This is really fun to do!

The videos are fun to watch as it uses interactive videos to help kids with speech development. Children can model other kids in the video and mimic them as they speak out the words. I just love the idea that it uses different kids for all the exercises.

The videos are also not overwhelming with many words on one page. In fact, it focusses on one word per page or exercise book. Your child will watch other kids say the word as they flip through the different exercise page.

Besides learning how to say the word, Speech Blubs educational android application have nicely explained what the word means and in what context it can be used. It is exciting to see the little one learn new words and knows where to use it.

I also like how the videos are very engaging with soft background colors which do not strain the eyes, exciting sounds, and images. Not to forget, the animations are hilarious!

Improve your child’s speech in a fun and engaging way! Interactive videos, face filters, stickers, puzzles, mini games and tons of fun facts are what will keep your child engaged while improving their speaking abilities. Learn all about animals, dinosaurs, stars, vehicles, emotions and much more with this great app. Want to play guessing games? Practice speech through singing? Speech Blubs educational android application has some major improvements: new look, helpful parent’s section, new saveable face filters and access to the reading educational android application ‘READING BLUBS’. Parents can now personalize the app, so that their child becomes the main hero of their speech journey. Download the educational android application and join the supportive family of over 4M parents who rate the 4.6 in the educational android application Store!

7-day free trial available on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Based on the results of the screener, recommendations are made. It says, “Therapist recommends,” but I’m not sure who this “therapist” is since the educational android application was not developed by a speech-language pathologist. It is also somewhat misleading, as no educational android application should replace speech and language therapy. I also would like for me, as a therapist, to be able to change the recommendation.


-video modeling can be effective

-the use of stickers, animals, and silly hats is engaging

Things to Update:

-the price to a one-time cost and not a subscription-based model

-to be able to change the time recommendations for practice

-not all models of the words and sounds are ideal–some are held out or the incorrect production of the sound

Let’s get really honest and blunt for a second. This is something I think you all need to know up front. Normally, I don’t post negative reviews. However, I think it is important for me to post this, as I reviewed their first one and my name has been used in their marketing of this app.

The educational android application is moving to a subscription-based model, where it will cost $9.99/month after a free trial. That’s $119.88 per year! The previous educational android application was a one-time cost of $6.99. I do not agree with this model and think it is extremely overpriced. So that being said, I cannot recommend this app. I don’t think it’s worth what they are asking, just to be 100% transparent. I find it extremely hard to believe that SLPs and parents would be willing to pay that price for this app.

So with that being said, here is what the new educational android application is all about. It is again an educational android application designed for early communicators. When you first start, the educational android application will take you through a screener based on the child’s age.

So you can decide for yourself if this educational android application is worth it. I would recommend doing a trial first to play with the app. If you choose not to continue, make sure you delete the educational android application and cancel the subscription prior to the 7th day.

It is an educational android application that can be downloaded on Google or Apple store that helps children learn new sounds and words.

Speech Blubs : Proven Speech Therapy App For Kids | by Parv K. Jessy |  kidsNclicks | Medium

It can be used by all kids but it will specifically benefit toddlers, later talkers, and kids with Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Before starting the exercises in the app, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your child’s abilities. Based on those answers, Speech Bulbs will suggest areas of improvements. I like how exercises are customized based on each individual child’s needs.

The educational android application is broken down to 22 different sections with over 1,500 activities. You track your child’s progress in each section. Each section focuses on different skills. For instance, “What A Feeling” section is aimed at helping kids express how they feel inside. “Guess the Word” is targeted towards improving their comprehension and learn new words.

The educational android application is targeted for kids over 3 years old

The educational android application currently has 3 different areas to practice: Early Sounds, Mouth Gym, First Words. All of them are video modeling with elementary-age kids. Early sounds is very similar to First Blubs in that kids will imitate animal sounds. In Mouth Gym, kids will imitate speech sounds. In First Words, kids will imitate simple words.

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