InVideo is a new platform that allows you to make much more spectacular videos in a very easy way.

When it comes to working with videos, you can think of different tools that have been especially useful over the years, but unfortunately for many, there are some that have become obsolete. Nowadays, it is not only essential that they are powerful or useful when editing any video, it is also vital that their use is as simple as possible and that they are not heavy slow start programs.

Among all the available options, InVideo stands out and the surprising formula that has been sought so that in little more than what it takes to open some programs, videos are already being edited and adding all the effects and templates that users have at their disposal .

But to better understand everything that this modern application can offer to users, we are going to discover the 6 reasons that make InVideo an option that you cannot miss .

More than 2+ million users trusted InVideo App

Since InVideo became available to users, its success has been overwhelming and has reached more than 200+ countries.

So much so that it has a community of 20,000 experts who share tips, tricks and creations so that all users continue to grow and expand their knowledge.

It is enough to try the tool to understand why it is successful and has convinced more than 1.5 million users : it is fast, the design is accessible so that anyone can work professionally, there is a template for each situation … As we will see, when testing this service to create and edit videos, the most normal thing is that it is repeated.

Directly in the browser and compatible with all computers

When trying and using InVideo you don’t have to worry about the performance of your computer or the space on your hard disk, because this tool opens directly in the browser without having to download any file or program , just enter on the InVideo page to start using it right away.

It is compatible with the most used browsers and works just as well whatever the operating system, it is even possible to work on an iPad.

A template for every occasion

When creating a video for social networks or work, you may want to use a template that from the first second helps to better communicate or convey a message . This is one of the most prominent parts of InVideo.

The Best Apps for Making Videos With Pictures and Music

To understand it, it is enough to say a figure: more than 5000+ templates . It does not matter what the objective is, if you want to succeed on social networks, present a product, make a presentation … You will find a template according to each circumstance.

But to this we must add another plus, the multimedia library that users have available when enriching their creation. It includes more than 8 million images from iStock and more than 1 million from Shutterstock and Storyblock .

Automatically transform articles into videos

Whoever finds himself in the situation of having to present a document or article and does not know how to translate it into images, will find inVideo one of the best tools to help him.

With a good number of templates available with this function, just select one of them, copy the title and text … And a video will automatically be generated that can be exported at the moment, but also easily edited with the intention of giving it a touch personal or according to the style book of a company.

An intuitive and professional program

With regard to the most important part of this type of program , just by taking a look at the tool you can see the possibilities that it puts in the hands of users .

Import, edit, cut, trim, paste, adjust shades, include text or images, add music, wipes, mosaics, export. With one click it is possible to do all this without any loss thanks to a design so universal as to succeed in almost 200+ countries .

Among the pluses that are rarely found in other tools, is the possibility of automatically converting text to voice , adding voice-overs with great ease and other options that mix image, text and sound to multiply the possibilities of InVideo.

But users need not worry if they think any of these features outperform them. In addition to being a very simple program to edit videos, it also has help support through chat that allows you to solve doubts and questions 24 hours a day . To which is added the community of users that we have mentioned and that is always useful to discover new functions.

No watermark, or in the free plan
Any video you create or edit with InVideo will be yours forever and you can share it on social networks, show it to family members, use it in presentations. Without them knowing how you created it. The confidence that this tool has in the possibilities it offers means that it does not include a watermark or the free plan, because the first thing is always your creation .

Right now you can try InVideo for 15 days and create up to 60 videos in the format you want so that you can use them freely . If you want to start working with videos as if you were a professional thanks to the countless help and templates that this tool offers you, just subscribe and in a few minutes you will be enjoying it thoroughly .

Try it right now in your browser, you can access it through the InVideo home page , but we assure you that as soon as you start editing the first video it will have convinced you with its enormous advantages .

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