According to previous leaks , since the functionality has not yet appeared in any of its betas, in Android 12 we could have a native recycle bin for the entire operating system. The same style that is enjoyed in desktop operating systems, but on mobile. Because the truth is that it is a functionality that is missed.

We find it in some proprietary layers, such as Samsung’s, and also in apps like Google Photos, Files or Instagram , but it is certainly useful to have one that does not stop monitoring what we erase anywhere on the mobile . Hence, we have decided to offer you a selection of what we consider to be the best recycle bin apps for Android.

Recycle bin: Deleted video recovery, Data Recovery

We start the list of apps with Recycle bin,At least for now, we are going to leave you with Recycle Bin or, in Spanish, ‘Trash can recycle’. We can get an idea of ​​its main functionality. Thanks to this trash app we can recover photos, videos and all kinds of deleted files and it also has a useless file cleaner , a trash cleaner that can be programmed to do automatic cleaning. A great app to carry installed and not have accidents. Again, free.

Photo recycle Bin

The Android application works actually like your PC’s reusing container, yet it upholds just photographs. Each photograph that you erase from your telephone was put away under the Photo Recycle Bin. You can recover the erased photographs whenever from the Photo Recycle Bin. The application deals with both established and non-established Android gadgets.

CX File Explorer

CX File Explorer as it was originally called before its translation into Spanish. In CX File Explorer we find a very complete file browser for the mobile that includes, of course, a recycle bin. Although we also have all kinds of functionalities, among others the possibility of connecting to different clouds and our local storage systems , if we have a NAS mounted in the office or at home. And the best thing is that it is completely free.

Video Recycle Bin

This application is essentially like the Photo Recycle Bin application that had been recorded previously. Notwithstanding, rather than working with photographs, Video Recycle Bin centers around the video documents. It runs behind the scenes and saves each video you erased from your cell phone. To recover the erased recordings, you need to open the application and check the ‘Container’ area. From that point, you can rapidly recuperate the erased documents.

File Commander

File Commander is an undeniable document director application for Android cell phones. With File Commander, you can rapidly move records between organizers, dissect capacity, recuperate erased things, and that’s just the beginning. It’s anything but a Recycle container highlight that permits you to reestablish and oversee erased records. Be that as it may, the Recycle Bin highlight is just present in the superior adaptation of File Commander. Some other File Commander highlights incorporate a capacity analyzer, record converter, free distributed storage, and then some.

Dumpster Recycle Bin

Here we meet for the first time with a pure recycle bin app, a bin as such and not a functionality of other more complete apps. Dumpster also has an automatic cleaning option that is responsible for scanning our phone in search of useless files to end them but the best thing it does is prevent us from deleting something by mistake and not being able to recover it. And it is absolutely free.


MixPlorer is again an Android document application, yet it’s anything but a reuse receptacle which is important to us in this article. You can utilize MacSplorer notwithstanding Simple Gallery to cause a total arrangement against the absence of a total to reuse canister on Android gadgets. General Gallery can deal with every one of your pictures, recordings and GIFs. Where MixPlorer can deal with all your erased records and organizers, be it PDF documents or melodies.

The component can be gotten to by tapping the cheeseburger menu button in the upper left corner of the application and choosing the ‘Rubbish’ tab from the Slide Out menu. The tab records all pictures/recordings that have been erased over the most recent 60 days, regardless of whether to return them to your unique display or erase them for all time.

Note that this element just works for erased pictures/recordings from the Google Photos application and won’t work on the off chance that you erase documents utilizing another display application or record director. Likewise remember that the pictures/recordings in the ‘Ganji’ tab will be naturally erased 60 days after they were eliminated from the principle exhibition, so it’s ideal to reestablish them while they’re as yet accessible.

DiskDigger Pro file recovery

And finally, free version of DiskDigger but the best features are activated with the paid version, which costs 3.39 euros . Here we have an app that can scan the storage of our Android, also the microSD, to find deleted files such as documents, photos, videos and more. And if our phone is rooted , the scan is even deeper.

Another extraordinary component about the application is that it gives clients the alternative to pick whether they need to recuperate the erased record, regardless of whether it’s anything but a distributed storage administration of their decision or in a particular envelope in the fundamental registry of their cell phone. Notwithstanding, in my investigations I saw that on the off chance that I recover a picture document to my neighborhood stockpiling it doesn’t show up in the display and must be gotten to utilizing the record supervisor application. Additionally, on the off chance that you need support for more document types, you can pick DiskDigger Pro, which is accessible in the Google Play Store for 3.5.

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