Edmodo is a social learning software for students, teachers, districts, and schools on Android. The Edmodo Android app can be used for communication, polling, and assignments/quizzes, among other things. Class management is significantly easier, and students can simply send specific messages or documents to teachers.

Parent accounts are a fantastic tool for parents to keep track of their children’s Edmodo Android Application activity. They will have access to their children’s assignments, grades, teacher communications, school calendar, and other information.

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Edmodo is an Android application that is aimed to assist teachers minimise their burden and stay connected to their classroom and students. The Edmodo Android App has millions of resources that have been made and shared by other teachers and are ready to be used in the classroom. Millions of teachers have used Edmodo Android Application to reach their students, improve learning outcomes, and get more out of their lesson plans.

Edmodo Android App is a student engagement tool that allows educational institutions to communicate with students and parents through a uniform interface of postings and messages. To promote student involvement across classes, the solution allows teachers to create and share assignments, quizzes, and other class materials. It also allows students to use an inbuilt planner to arrange classwork and use a centralised dashboard to convey doubts or questions to instructors and peers. Find out more about the Edmodo Android App.

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1) In general, I’ve had a positive experience utilising the software in my college classes on a weekly basis. I can easily access all of the files on my phone, which is fantastic.

2) My favorite part however was the ease of communication with parents, they had a separate account and they could learn what was happening in class without entering their students’ accounts.

3) I got to know about edmodo during the pandemic of last year 2020, when we began to seek ways for our students to continue learning and it came to us as a great help.

4) Moreover, one has the ability to administer an exam to an entire class, or particular individual, which is awesome.


1) There is no opportunity to conduct a private communication with the teacher, and users’ online activity is not visible.

2) If you accidentally submit, no turning back. Need to refresh page to load test availability.

3) As a parent I’m supposed to use the parent app but because it’s limited, I can see nothing. The child login works and although it looks like a fine tool, it’s just weird and useless.

4) I would be in the middle of writing a message to a parent and the program would randomly glitch and leave that screen.

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